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unknown -  Ann Elizabeth & Samuel Dannatt* ‎16 AugUST 1859* Scott County, Iowa, United States of America† ‎1 MarCH 1883† Low Moor, Clinton County, Iowa, United States of America
woman -  Bess & Leonidas Watson Reed* ‎after. 1892† ‎between. 1912–1982
woman -  Betty J. & Clarence R Hill* ‎4 OctOBER 1928† ‎22 FebRUARY 1979[] Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, United States of America
woman -  Ellen Ruth & John Reuben Blandford* ‎23 JulY 1917† ‎31 JulY 2006[] Nambour, Sunshine Coast Region, Queensland, Australia
woman -  Grace X Matthew Falkingham* ‎±. 1690* Yorkshire, England† ‎26 Mar 1753† Bolton Percy, Yorkshire, England
woman -  Jane & John Falkingham* ‎±. 1630* Bolton Percy, Yorkshire,, England† ‎14 Jan 1727
woman -  Myrtle & Leonidas Watson Reed* ‎after. 1892† ‎between. 1912–1992† Walterboro
woman -  Pearl & Leonidas Watson Reed* ‎after. 1892!
woman Acey, Emily X Fred Blanshard* ‎AprIL 1894* Beverley, Yorkshire, England
man Acey, Joseph X Mary Jane Falkingham* ‎OctOBER 1845* Walkington, Yorkshire, England† ‎12 Aug 1907† York, Yorkshire, England
man Acey, Joseph * ‎JanUARY 1906* York, Yorkshire, England† ‎± Mar 1906† York, Yorkshire, England
woman Acey, Lydia X Ernest Blackman* ‎OctOBER 1896* Beverley, Yorkshire East Riding† ‎Mar 1972† Hull, Yorkshire East Riding, England
man Ackrill, Frank * ‎AprIL 1890* Beverley, Yorkshire, England† ‎JanUARY 1893† Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England
woman Adams, Aline Francis X Harold Lloyd Ailsby* ‎14 MarCH 1921* Bronx, Bronx County, New York, United States of America† ‎21 May 2010† Shaunavon, Maple Creek Census Division, Saskatchewan, Canada
woman Ailsby, Emma Ellen * ‎29 AprIL 1894* Spilsby, Lincolnshire† ‎02 Jan 1917† Cypress (South), Macdonald, Manitoba, Canada
woman Ailsby, Harriet Eliza 1st X John Leachman, 2nd & George F M "" Custance* ‎OctOBER 1879* Glanford Brigg, Lincolnshire, England† ‎20 NovEMBER 1951† Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
man Akrill, Herbert J W * ‎AprIL 1912* Hull, Yorkshire, England† ‎AprIL 1913† Hull, Yorkshire, England
man Akrill, John Esau X Violet Maud De Ste. Croix* ‎JulY 1883* Beverley, Yorkshire, England† ‎19 Nov 1916† France and Flanders
woman Alcock, Elsie May "Elsie M Fann" 1st X Hector Francis Redvers Sissons, 2nd X Fred William Fann* ‎5 AugUST 1902* Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England† ‎Jun 1982† Grimsby, Humberside, England
woman Alesby, Edna Mae * ‎17 NovEMBER 1914* Saskatchewan, Canada† ‎27 Jan 1927† Swift Current,, Saskatchewan, Canada
man Allanson, Alfred George X Isabella Ann Allen* ‎27 DecEMBER 1871* Deniliquin, New South Wales† ‎03 Sep 1954† Western Australia, Australia
man Allanson, Archibald * ‎±. 1911* Australia† ‎±. 1979† Australia
woman Allanson, Edith Faith * ‎±. 1880* Natal? South Africa† ‎±. 1955† South Africa?
woman Allanson, Emma Anne * ‎17 SepT 1873* Avoca, Victoria, Australia† ‎24 Mar 1874† Avoca, Victoria, Australia
man Allanson, Hessey X Ann Booth* ‎between. 1804–1805* Thornton Dale, Yorkshire, England† ‎25 May 1840† Snainton, Yorkshire, England
man Allanson, James Henry X Louisa Longe* ‎OctOBER 1864* Bridlington, Yorkshire, England† ‎Dec 1940† Keighley, Yorkshire West Riding, England
woman Allanson, Jean * ‎±. 1909* Australia† ‎±. 1990† Australia
man Allanson, Thomas Hessey & Dorothy ""* ‎10 JulY 1917* Albany, Western Australia, Australia† ‎04 Sep 1943† Rabaul, New Guinea
woman Allen, Edith Mary * ‎JulY 1887* West Luton, Yorkshire, England
woman Alltoft, Ada Lucy X John Lacey Barratt* ‎JulY 1895* Barton-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire, England† ‎Sep 1958† Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, England
man Altoft, Joseph Matthew * ‎JanUARY 1874* Bigby, Lincoln, England† ‎OctOBER 1883† Caistor, Lincolnshire
woman Amos, Violet Evelyn X Gordon Wheatley McLeod* ‎26 JanUARY 1903* Kensington Hill, Victoria, Australia† ‎Mar 1926† Auckland, New Zealand
woman Andrew, Sarah Ellen X John William "John Locking" Locking* ‎JanUARY 1876* Sheffield, Yorkshire, England† ‎9 Jun 1963† 18, Thornbridge Crescent, Frechville, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
man Andrews, Alfred Howard & Muriaroha Fraser* ‎7 JunE 1916* Auckland, New Zealand† ‎25 Jun 1987† Auckland, New Zealand
woman ANDREWS, Elsie Eliza X Percy Charles Townsend* ‎1 JunE 1890* East Tamaki, Manukau, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND† ‎1972† NEW ZEALAND
man Appleby, Harry Willoughby X Annie M "" Bett* ‎AprIL 1886* Louth, Lincolnshire, England† ‎9 Jul 1939† Lincolnshire, England
woman Appleby, Joan Mary X Frederick Ronald Otley* ‎15/10/1918* Louth† ‎Dec 1982† Louth Lincolnshire
man Appleby, John William X Kate Barton* ‎AprIL 1880* Louth, Lincolnshire, England† ‎Sep 1940† Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
woman Appleton, Mary X John William Rack* ‎AprIL 1886* Osmotherley, Yorkshire, England† ‎22 AprIL 1972† Middlemore Hospital, Papatoetoe, Auckland, New Zealand
man Arnold, Eric John Healing X Edith "" Jones* ‎AprIL 1912* Cambridge, Auckland, New Zealand† ‎1985† Auckland, New Zealand
man Arnold, John X Minnie Alice Andrews* ‎31 OctOBER 1868* Cambridge, Waikato, New Zealand† ‎2 Oct 1948† Campbells Bay, Auckland, New Zealand,
man Arnold, Stephenson Ernest * ‎14 AugUST 1918* Cambridge, Waikato, New Zealand† ‎NovEMBER 1972† Auckland, New Zealand
woman Askey, Emma & Frederick Shepherd* ‎JulY 1846* Boston, Lincolnshire, England† ‎OctOBER 1897† Boston, Lincolnshire
man Athorne, John Keith * ‎8 MarCH 1931* Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire, England† ‎Nov 2004† Tameside, Greater Manchester, England
man Atkin, Herbert & Annie Eliza Goodison* ‎JulY 1877* Hull, Yorkshire, England† ‎Mar 1947† Hull, Yorkshire East Riding, England
man Atkin, John * ‎OctOBER 1895* Sheffield, Yorkshire, England
man Atkin, Rimmington X Mary Elizabeth Wrack* ‎AprIL 1840* Boston, Lincolnshire† ‎1909† Hull, Yorkshire, England
woman Atkinson, Annie X Alfred Waddingham* ‎JulY 1890* Bonby, Lincolnshire, England† ‎Mar 1963† North Kesteven, Lincolnshire, England
woman Atkinson, Susanna & Daniel Cook* ‎JulY 1846* Walcot, Lincolnshire, England† ‎AprIL 1904† Doncaster, Yorkshire West Riding