man Ira Stanley Chappell‏‎
Born ‎26 Nov 1903 Laurens County, Georgia, United States of America, died ‎15 Apr 1979 Dade, Florida, United States‎, 75 years, buried ‎ Dublin, Laurens County, Georgia, United States of America

Married ‎1951 Dade, Florida (27 or 28 years married) to:

woman Laura Lois Beebee‏‎, daughter of Arthur Henry Beebee and Alice B May Beebee‏.
Born ‎9 Oct 1904 Harrison, Harrison, Iowa, United States, died ‎19 NovEMBER 1985 Jacksonville, Cherokee, Texas, USA‎, 80 or 81 years, buried ‎ Jacksonville, Cherokee County, Texas, United States of America, 1st marriage to: Herbert B Ridgley, ‎2nd marriage to: Ira Stanley Chappell